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Latest Distribution Details

Distribution Period 1 October 2020 to 31 March 2021
Distribution Rate 3.299 cents per Unit (SGD) comprising:
(a) 1.796 cents (Tax-Exempt)
(b) 1.503 cents (Capital)
Ex-Date 29 April 2021 (Thursday)
Record Date 30 April 2021 (Friday), 5:00 pm
Cash Distribution Payment Date 21 June 2021 (Monday)

Distribution History

Financial Year  First Half1                    Second Half1
FY 2013 / FY 2014           3.183 cents2           3.099 cents                    
FY 2014 / FY 2015  3.162 cents  3.398 cents        
FY 2015 / FY 2016   3.499 cents  3.771 cents
FY 2016 / FY 2017  3.610 cents  3.731 cents
FY 2017 / FY 2018  3.714 cents  4.531 cents3
Quarter 1 Quarter 2 Quarter 3 Quarter 4 
FY 2018 / FY 20194
 1.117 cents5  1.926 cents  1.927 cents  1.956 cents
FY 2019 / FY 2020
 1.950 cents  1.937 cents  1.671 cents  1.566 cents6
First Half7 Second Half7
FY 2020 / FY 2021  2.876 cents  3.299 cents
Distributions were paid on a semi-annual basis for the periods ending 30 September and 31 March until end FY17/18. For example: (a) Available distribution per unit for the First Half of the Financial Year ended 30 September 2017 was calculated based on the distributable income for the First Half (1Q+2Q) over the number of issued units as at the end of 30 September 2017; (b) Available distribution per unit for the Second Half of the Financial Year ending 31 March 2018 was calculated based on the distributable income for the Second Half (3Q+4Q) over the number of issued units as at the end of 31 March 2018.
2 For the period from 7 March 2013 (Listing Date) to 30 September 2013
3 Inclusive of 2H FY17/18 Distribution for the period of 1 October 2017 to 31 March 2018 and advanced distribution in connection with the Private Placement announced on 25 April 2018. For more information,  please refer to SGX-ST Announcement dated 7 May 2018 titled "Details of Cumulative Distribution in connection with the Private Placement by Mapletree Greater China Commercial Trust"
Starting from FY18/19, subsequent distributions will be made on a quarterly basis to Unitholders following the change in MNACT’s distribution policy to distribute its distributable income on a quarterly basis. Please refer to the announcement titled "Change from semi-annual distribution to quarterly distribution", released on SGXNET by the Manager on 25 April 2018. 
Please refer to MNACT's SGX-ST announcement dated 8 May 2018 titled Issue of 311,602,000 New Units in Mapletree Greater China Commercial Trust Pursuant to the Private Placement. An advanced distribution for the period from 1 April 2018 to 7 May 2018 (prior to the issuance of new units pursuant to the private placement, on 8 May 2018) of 0.764 cents was paid to eligible Unitholders on 25 May 2018.
 6 Inclusive of the advanced distribution of 1.070 cents for the period from 1 January 2020 to 27 February 2020 in connection with the issuance of Transaction Units, as well as the distribution of 0.496 cents for the period from 28 February 2020 to 31 March 2020. For more information, please refer to SGX Announcement dated 27 February 2020 titled “Details of Advanced Distribution in Connection with the Issuance of the Transaction Units, and Issue Price of New Units to be Issued Pursuant to the DRP for the Advanced Distribution.”
7  MNACT has amended its distribution policy to make distributions on a half-yearly basis starting from 1H FY20/21. Please refer to the SGX announcement dated 29 April 2020 titled "Change from Quarterly to Semi-Annual Distribution and Semi-Annual Reporting of Financial Results". DPU for the period is calculated based on the income available for distribution for the period over the number of units in issue as at the end of the period.

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