Investor Relations
Investor Relations Policy

The Manager adopts the principle that all Unitholders should be treated fairly and equitably, in order for them to exercise their ownership rights arising from their unitholdings and to have the opportunity to communicate their views on matters affecting MNACT.

The Manager is committed to providing clear, timely and transparent disclosure of material information about MNACT’s business and performance.

In all communications with the stakeholders, the Manager endeavours to use clear language and to provide consistent disclosures on both positive and negative issues.

The Manager issues via SGXNET announcements and press releases the Group’s latest corporate developments on an immediate basis where required by the Listing Manual. These are also made available on MNACT’s corporate website, which serves as an important repository of information on the annual reports, distribution history, investor presentations, property portfolio details and SGX-ST announcements.

The Manager also communicates with MNACT’s investors on a regular basis through group/individual meetings with investors, investor conferences and non-deal roadshows. “Live” audio webcast of analyst briefings are conducted, where practicable.

Investors and the public can subscribe to email alerts to receive the latest updates on MNACT. Should they have any questions, the Investor Relations Department can be contacted at

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